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What Should Be Taken Into Account When Demolishing A Property?

If you want to build a new house, you need a land. But it is not always possible to have a lot of land available that is tailored to your needs. Many properties are already built.


However, if you have a particular house in your head or has fallen in love with a particular location, including special connection, environment and infrastructure of a certain plot, then it is usually difficult to get away from this project again.



Decide on the demolition of a house

Land plots, which are still cultivated and need to be rebuilt, are a special venture for many house builders. However, to decide about performing a demolition or not, you should definitely consider some details. Moreover, it’s not that easy with the demolition of a complete house.


Rehabilitation of an already existing house is not always risk-free. In doing so, you could take incalculable risks, especially if the house is old and dilapidated. In order to

get the right decision on this point, in case of doubt, get the advice of a professional building restorer.


Should you come to the conclusion that a renovation is expected, of course, the next question arises: Can the house be reconstructed as it meets your expectations? Or would the measures that you would have to make would be unacceptable to you?


This is often not so easy to decide. Sure, as a builder, who bears the costs for his home and who – in the best case – is guided by the yardstick: ownership, you also want to take the opportunity to build your house in the same way as your demands or needs.


The question is just how exactly your needs look in relation to the house.


If, for example, you want to build your house according to ecological criteria – for example, a circular house or an energy saving house – the decision is in principle already taken: demolition.


If such wishes cannot be realised in a reasonable cost-benefit ratio, it may be wiser to make adjustment rather than perform a complete demolition of the house as a problem solution.




The demolition of a whole house is expensive and means a lot of work. To be able to demolish an old house, even if it should already be dilapidated, you have to clear the whole house completely. This is often more difficult than you imagine at first glance.


Also in allegedly empty houses, you will need a container for the curtain rods, interior doors and possible built-in cupboards. If, for example, carpets, refrigerators or other electrical appliances are still present in the house, an additional disposal of hazardous waste is usually necessary. Thus, you should include the expense of hiring a waste bin in your budgeting plan since getting one would be quite expensive.


Before the demolition create enough space

Before the demolition of a house, everything besides the rubble must also be removed. This applies to everything except the empty outer shell of the building. Since there should be sufficient space for a house demolition, you should first clarify with the next door neighbours on how the demolition is planned.


The neighbours must also be informed about the possibility of damage to their house or property. For this reason, it is important that the neighbouring buildings be separately insured.



Before the demolition of the house; the electricity, gas or water providers must be informed. They must first set their connections beforehand. The corresponding feeders for the house should then be well marked so that the new building can be directly accessed.


Only let professionals demolish houses

So that there is no damage in the neighbourhood, you should leave the actual demolition only to professionals. These also take care of the disposal of the material, which naturally also entails some costs.


If the house is demolished, the ground under the old building must also be removed. The complete foundation is removed cleanly. In old houses, it is possible that the foundation is very deep. By the way, the drains and the floor insulation are also removed by the experts.


Create a good foundation for the new house

To get a more stable platform for the new house, it is particularly important that you completely remove the floor. In most cases, it can be ripped off. Then the surface is filled with a new floor.


If you are planning a house with a cellar, the area will be filled with new soil. Make sure that the pit is compacted completely before you plan to construct a new building. Otherwise, sagging could occur.


Calculate the cost of the demolition of the property beforehand!

Before deciding on a demolition, you should first send cost estimates from demolition specialists. With many companies, you can negotiate to get a lower cost. Other: The costs for the demolition can be partly deducted from the land price.

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