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5 Frequent Mistakes To Avoid In Bathroom Renovation & Design

Bathroom renovation & design can add true value to your home. A new, stylish bathroom will also lift spirits and give you a new space where you can relax in corresponding tranquillity. A bathroom is so much more than just a functional room. It can also become a place to relieve the stress after a busy day of work.



However, it is not easy to make even a simple bathroom renovation, both for the planning and carrying out the renovation. The bathroom contains a lot of significant and costly fixtures that can lead to long-term damage and repairs when things go wrong – plumbing is not something that you really want to mess with. This is the cause why you need to take a look at some of the common bathroom renovation errors, which may present in the works, as a means to know what not to do.


We categorise these mistakes into five common bathroom renovation errors, which can be time-consuming and expensive to fix.


1. Poor ventilation

When a bathroom is poorly ventilated, the air feels not only clogged and unpleasant; it can also turn into a disaster like condensation and mould when dealing with long-term problems. A bathroom that is not well vented will probably build up a condensation, and condensation in a high-temperature space is a perfect breeding ground for mould and other bacteria. A proper ventilation avoids not only the need for costly repairs but also making the room a pleasant place to be what is one of the things you want to look for in a bathroom.


2. Lack of space

You have an extravagant bath with delicate appliances, nice accessories and a cute little cup holder for your toothbrushes and toothpaste – but what about the storage for your towels and other toiletries? A good bathroom must have a reasonable amount of storage space, including storage space for bathroom cleaning tools and additional supplies (toilet roll!). It is simply convenient to have all the bath supplies that are precisely there, at hand. Storage space does not always have to be a large closet full of everything we need. It can be slim and subtle. Consult with an interior designer if you are not sure where to place your storage space.


3. Place a separate bathroom on a corner / against a wall

Standalone showers should make a statement. Not only will not get the right amount of appreciation and aesthetic care but a separate bathroom placed in a corner or against a wall may trap water droplets and dust. However, this condition can quickly build a mould infestation, and soon you will have an extensive problem on your hands. Daily use showers are not built to be forced into a corner, so if they are not accessible from all areas, you are likely to get a build up problem over time; something you never want in a bathroom.



4. Lack of natural light

You might think that an abundance of artificial light is all you need to create a beautiful bathroom. It doesn’t matter where you get the light from, does it? Well, some studies have shown that if you use natural light in a room, it helps to make the room appear more inviting, as well as raising the overall mood. An open window, which carries in a pleasant breeze, also makes a wonderful addition to a bubble bath. Natural light is supposed to make you feel more relaxed, in a way that artificial light cannot. When you take away this natural light, you may get a bathroom that looks stifled or even dull, and it is an unfortunate mistake many homeowners tend to have.


5. Improper equipment installation

If you try to cut corners by asking your friends or inexperienced family members to install your bathroom equipment, you may want to prepare to spend a little more than you initially negotiated. There is no substitute for skilled work in the installation of bathroom appliances, especially those that are associated with plumbing work. Registered and insured craftsmen have a secure protocol that protects you from all the problems that occur with the job. If you ask someone from your neighbourhood to fit your toilet, if anything goes wrong, the fixing expense must come out of your pocket.


A quality bathroom is definitely something the homeowner pays when it is in the balance with the overall quality of the rest of the house. Renovating bathrooms can definitely add value, but it is also easy to capitalise on, as these are the most expensive rooms for construction and renovation, ranging from crafts, special surfaces (such as sealing) and fixtures and fittings. So, make a thorough plan before you start ripping off the wall of your bathroom and stick to it. In the end, you’ll definitely get the bathroom as you desire. Happy renovating!!

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5 Frequent Mistakes To Avoid In Bathroom Renovation & Design

Bathroom renovation & design can add true value to your home. A new, stylish bathroom will also lift spirits and give you a new space where you...

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