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10 Best Home Improvement Tips For The Living Room

Retreat, TV corner or even children’s playground? What makes the perfect living room depends on how you use it. You can make it comfortable with our decorating tips.


1. Arrange a seating group

Sofa, armchair and other types of chairs should be grouped so that all sit facing each other.

  • Trick: The seating group should more or less form a rectangle. In the classical arrangement, two sofas are directly opposite, which promotes communication and works harmoniously.
  • Disadvantage: The TV is only available at the end, faces the courtyard. Another flexible arrangement is a sofa and one or more armchairs, which is aligned to the television if required. Of course, this arrangement also works with a corner sofa.



2. Find the right sofa

Unfortunately, the most beautiful sofa is not always the most appropriate one that suits your needs. If you answer the following questions for yourself, you are a lot closer to your dream sofa. And then it’s time to sit rehearsal. Because only then can you test whether the sofa meets your expectations.

  • How much space is available?
  • How many people should be able to sit on the sofa?
  • Do you use the sofa more for sitting, lying, eating?
  • Should it be representative, comfortable or functional?
  • Do you need a sofa bed?
  • Which colour would best suit the decor?
  • Do you prefer leather or fabric?
  • Should the cover be deductible?


3. Courage to break style

If you match a particular style too consistently, it will be boring in the long run. Be aware of incorporating style breaks into your facility. That seems alive. Thick wood, for example, may loosen up their smooth surfaces. It also works the other way round: A marble top contrasts with the rough floor. A graphic carpet, on the other hand, takes its rigour from a classic interior design. An item in white can be combined with a few colour accents.


4. Do not forget side tables

Without a small table next to the sofa, the living room is not complete. Here you can leave your cup, park your book and put accessories on display. But how is it supposed to look? Luckily, there are some guides that you can follow. Let’s go: Square tables only look good when they stand between the sofa and the armchairs. If the chairs are missing, an elongated model looks more harmonious. However, roundtables are suitable for almost all types of sofas. Nice idea: put together several tables of different heights. However, make sure that the seat always forms the highest point.


5. Use some colors

Get an overview of the colours in your living room. This works best with colour panels: All colours of the room are arranged as colour tiles next to each other. So you can see whether a colour does not match the other colour or whether a tone is missing.


Here’s how: A colour panel is made up of three to six colours. Look in your living room and try to figure out the most dominant colours. Also pay attention to the floor, ceiling, walls, accessories and wall decoration in the living room.


Ideal: when three tones of a colour family blend in (main colour group). These can be combined with two other shades (minor colour group) and loosened up with an accent colour (contrast). How many shades you use in the end, whether you set a contrast or not, remains a matter of taste. Try it out.


6. Mirror Mirror on the wall

Pictures on the walls are already good. Even better are some mirrors in between. Thus, the view can wander in space, other perspectives are revealed, and the space grows visually. In addition, mirrors arranged in groups are real eye-catchers and replace so many works of art. Practical, if you don’t set on any wall accessories so far.



7. Set accents with an armchair

The style of the living room can be improved with the presence of an armchair. While the sofa should withhold its formal feature because of its size, you can add some sparks with armchairs. You don’t always have to place the typical arrangement of two identical armchairs plus a sofa; this may even make a stiffer atmosphere. An inviting character of a living room is a mix of different models. Are you a keeper? Then keep your favourite piece, but give it a new makeover!


8. Decorate like the pros

Think in groups: Candlesticks look even better for three or five. The same applies to vases, tea lights and other decorative objects as well as the wall decoration in the living room. Also true solitary item works in the group as long as it doesn’t steal the show from the rest of the furniture.


9. Pictures are hung lower

Images are usually too high because they are hung up while standing. Especially in the living room, it makes sense to hang the pictures so that they are sitting at eye level. After all, you look at your treasures most of the time from this position. And who wants to raise his head all the time?


10. Hide the cable

Try to hide any loose cables and power strips as much as possible. Ideally, cables from TVs, stereos or DVD players disappear in the furniture they stand on. If that does not work, additional cable collectors or boxes will keep things organised.

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