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Asbestos is dangerous. It only needs a single fibre to cause a terrible asbestos-related disease (ARD) such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. You can act now to keep you and your family protected from gaining more knowledge about its danger and how to avoid the risk of being exposed to it. So, keep reading!

Clear Asbestos Removal - Protect Your Family from asbestos exposure


An asbestos-containing material or we can call it as an ACM, is not always harmful to our health. An undamaged ACM product has a small possibility to endanger our life and the environment unless it is disturbed. However, a friable product, which is very fragile and can be easily crushed just by the hand, possesses a huge danger since it may release fibres, which can accidentally enter the body through inhalation.

An asbestos remediation project is a time-consuming work, and it can cause health hazards if it is not conducted properly. Basic knowledge about the remediation process is important to prevent you from being exposed to ACMs, especially if you’re planning to perform a DIY work.


Asbestos identification

The ACM can exist in many different forms and shapes. This dangerous material can be found in fencing, roofing, tiling, or wall sheeting products. There are about 3,000 identified products, which may add up the difficulty for an ordinary person to identify it. Read more$File/asbestos-feb13.pdf

The good part is that the contamination mostly occurred in old properties built before 1989. So, if you are living or working in a house, commercial, or industrial premises that were constructed after this year, you can worry less.

For you who live in a building that is suspected of containing an ACM, you should raise your awareness to the hazard that may present in the area. Since this intoxicated material can degrade through time, you’ll have a higher chance of being affected by it without even without noticing it. That said, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help to do an inspection at your premise.


Various asbestos removal and testing services

There are different services that you can choose to deal with your ACM problem. You can choose a service that suits your exact need. You can consult this issue with an expert who has obtained a proper certification in this industry.

Briefly, these services are:

  1. Asbestos consultant: If you don’t know what to do when finding an ACM product on your property, you can consult your issue with a counsellor to get some advice and recommendation.
  2. Asbestos management plan (AMP): Living in a house, which is contaminated by this hazardous material, would require a good control plan to maintain a secure environment before the removal job is carried out. An AMP provides comprehensive information on the location and condition of the contaminated products in a building and safety procedures to interact with these dangerous products.
  3. Asbestos removal: If you are ready to get rid of the contaminated material out of your property, you will need this service to carry out the jobs securely.
  4. Asbestos testing: An assessor with a complete certification can help you to identify the ACMs residing in the structures. If he finds a suspected material that may be an ACM, he will conduct a sampling and testing protocol by collecting some samples and send them in locked bags to a  National Association of Testing Authorities NATA approved lab for further analysis.
  5. Asbestos roof removal: An ACM roof is one of many contaminated products that possesses a high risk of weathering. Over time, the fibrous roof will release fibres into the air and contaminates the surrounding area. You are recommended to use this service to eliminate the contaminated roof before it’s too late.
  6. Asbestos air monitoring: When a property is contaminated by a fibrous material, fibres may be released into the air. This service is usually applied in a removal project to ensure that the air is safe to breathe.
  7. Asbestos soil remediation: An ACM can also affect the soil in a contaminated property. The contamination may happen because of a demolition of a fibre-contaminated building. The soil remediation service is meant to clean up all fibre dust and prevent them from going deeper into the soil and contaminate the groundwater.
  8. Asbestos emergency repair: Does a natural disaster damage your house? Or someone just crashed onto your super six fences? If the ACM in your premise has been disturbed by accident, you should hire a professional removalist who offers 24/7 services.
  9. Asbestos demolition: The service is mainly applied to demolish any building, with a contamination level that is beyond saving. Since the process involves a hazardous material, it requires the help of a contractor who has gone through a proper training to handle the harmful product safely.


You can determine which service is the most suitable solution for your current problem. However, some advice and recommendation from an expert will provide a better solution for your issue.


An insight of asbestos removal and testing services

Asbestos is not something that can be handled by yourself. The work involving fibrous materials can be complex and demanding. It requires certain proficiency, specialised equipment and safety kits to ensure the quality of the work.

These are the important steps of an asbestos removal and testing project:

  • Initial identification: The initial inspection is conducted to identify all fibrous materials in the location. An asbestos register is a good place to start since it contains the record of identified ACMs, which have been identified previously. If the homeowner doesn’t have such document, he may face a hefty fine. It’s due to the government regulations, which administer that all contaminated premise must own this document to ensure that everyone in the neighbourhood is alerted to the ACM potential danger.
  • ACM removal: This phase is considered as the most important step of a remediation process. It includes the removal, transportation, and disposal of fibrous materials of the location. The difficulty of the work is determined by many factors such as the ACM size and its location within a structure.
  • Clearance inspection: After all contaminants have been removed, the final inspection will be carried out to make sure that there isn’t any fragment, dust, or debris left.


Clear Asbestos Removal - 3 important steps to remediate an asbestos contaminated property


Furthermore, a contractor must obtain a licence to prove his eligibility in this industry. A licensed removalist must have at least either of these licenses:

  • A-class license: A removalist who has an A-class permit is allowed to work and handle any ACM, both friable (fragile) and non-friable ones.
  • B-class license: A B-class license holder can only work on non-friable (bonded) materials.


Tips: Before hiring a removalist, you should consider the price offered between these two license holders. The cost of hiring an A-class removalist is often higher than a B-class license holder. This is why if you have a small removal job that involves a non-friable product, you may want to consider hiring a B-class licensed removalist.


About Clear Asbestos Removal

Finding a trusted asbestos removal, testing, roof removal and management services provider would be difficult since many contractors claim themselves as an expert. Don’t get involved with a dodgy contractor. They won’t hesitate to overcharge you; always check and re-check!

This is why Clear Asbestos Removal exists. We are an endorsement company for great, trusted, and local B-class licensed removalists across Australia. Our endorsed members have been selectively chosen; rest assured you will only get a reliable help at a value price.

Through a rigorous screening test, we can connect you with removalists who are:

  • Fully B-class
  • Highly-experienced, skilled, have an excellent safety record.
  • Equipped with adequate equipment and vehicles.
  • Covered by public liability insurance.


We encourage our approved contractors to deliver a high-quality service that is in accordance with the safe work protocols and current regulations.


How can you get our endorsed contractors to help you? We have designed an easy system, which allows you to communicate your needs directly with your chosen contractor in our list.

You just have to follow these simple steps below:

  1. Check on our endorsed removalists’ profile page and see their offers.
  2. Get quotes from our pre-screened contractors.
  3. Choose the best quote that suits your need, as well as your budget.


In our site, you can also check reviews and ratings. Thus, you can find out about what previous clients said about our endorsed removalists. This is our commitment to keep you protected from frauds and scams.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your phone and get connected with great, local contractors. You’ll get your problem solved in no time because WE CLEAR, WE CARE.


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